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Lisa Bruce Meets with DigArts students

February 25, 2015

Lisa Bruce, Producer of the Oscar-nominated "The Theory of Everything" spoke to CoSA DigArts students on February 17. In her almost hour-long talk with students, she gave advice, inspiration, stories ...

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Got 3D glasses?

February 18, 2015 Got 3D glasses?

DigArts has announced it's Expo theme: Chromo Zone! If you don't happen to have a pair of 3D glasses, don't worry. There'll be plenty on hand ...

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It wasn't Michael Jackson, but...

February 9, 2015 It wasn't Michael Jackson, but...

When Devra Gregory came to CoSA Classical and Contemporary Dance recently, the students thought they might have seen Michael Jackson. Dev is widely acclaimed for her Michael Jackson impersonations. She ...

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What do DigArts and the SD Opera have in common?

February 9, 2015 What do DigArts and the SD Opera have in common?

What do CoSA Digital Arts and the San Diego Opera have in common? They both get to enjoy the work of acclaimed artist Rich Black. Black, a prolific graphic artist ...

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John Mailander, CoSA Alum

February 9, 2015 John Mailander, CoSA Alum

John Mailander, CoSA Instrumental Music Class of 2009, spent an afternoon with CoSA students teaching his short course "How to Improv for String Players."  Mailander graduated from Berkee College of ...

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DigArts Students Selected

February 9, 2015 DigArts Students Selected

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